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Founded by Matt Law and Matt Thompson, two writer/directors who met in film school, The Matts Productions is a full-service video production company based in L.A with an emphasis on creating cinematic, storytelling-based content for businesses, artists and audiences.

The Matts's loyal devotion to their craft is equal to their dedication to provide an enjoyable collaborative experience.

The Matts Productions has created partnerships with premier artists and craftspeople: from writers, cinematographers, music composers, and sound designers, to VFX artists, animators, drone operators and Alejandro Iñárritu (who we met once).

The Matts have created a one-stop-shop experience that promises the utmost:


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Combining innovative artistry and cutting-edge production techniques, the duo’s visual storytelling has become a marketing cornerstone of our annual recruiting cycle. The Matts have worked on two successful video series and several promotional videos for us – all of which have helped increase stakeholder engagement across our social media channels and no doubt had a hand in contributing to the significant growth in our undergraduate applications this past year.
— Office of Enrollment Management, Loyola Marymount University


Since the very first project more than 3 years ago, The Matts have made it an initiative to learn our business, culture, and people and have aided in taking our corporate branding to new heights. Their strong commitment to excellence and ability to work around our tight deadlines have made them not only a pleasure to deal with, but an asset to our team. They are incredibly professional in their dealings with our people in our various facilities and have been able to take simple visions with little direction and make it into a reality that reflected Humco’s core values and strong culture.
— Andy Pulido, President, Global Pharmaceuticals, Humco


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